Walk-In Pantry

Walk-in Pantry (WIP): a place of consumption
A new program of food and conversation

WIP invites presenters into mini dutch’s kitchen to cook, and share their knowledge and love for food, while the community is encouraged to come and eat. Multiple themes will be explored, including, but not limited to: “Food as Performance,” “Eating Locally” and “mini dutch Grill Outs” during the summer months. Every theme will have several presentations, and eventually, all of the recipes will be bound together and made available in the form of a cookbook with documentation of events and writings.
All events are suggested donation with price depending on the ingredients used and are byob.


There were 3 events under the topic of Cooking on the Cheap- anything but ramen

This series starts out with mini dutch gallery director Lucia Fabio presenting her favorite cheap eats. Eating cheap doesn’t mean food high in sodium in brightly colored packaging. By spending an afternoon preparing a large pot of soup or stew, one can make at least 5 meals. Freeze the leftovers and enjoy homemade food at any time.
Conversation will include our economic crises and its effect on our diet. Fast food companies are enjoying their highest profit margins during this recession- but it can be cheaper to make food from scratch. How time and money play a part in cooking, and tips on how to make a practice of cooking.

Menu includes:
Lentil Soup
Beef Stew
Roasted Potatoes with garlic and rosemary
Spinach with garlic and ginger
M.F.K. Fisher’s Tomato Soup Cake (adapted from How to Cook a Wolf by M.F.K. Fisher
1937 Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake
(everything except the Beef Stew and Cakes are vegan)

Loo Bain

Menu includes
Spinach, mushroom and gouda quiche
Ham, onion and cheddar quiche
A veggie side
Either an apple or berry crumble with home whipped cream.

Come and enjoy a meal with us and talk about food and the economy.
$3 donation

Jennifer Breckner

Enjoy the last presentation of Cooking on the Cheap, we will be moving on to mini dutch grill outs and fresh local foods for the summer. Come and enjoy really amazing foods as we talk about what is the cheapest food you can cook (and delightfully consume).

Menu includes:
Tuscan kale chips
Cucumber Onion Salad
White beans with tomato ragu
Garlic broth with lavender
Brownies with flambéed bananas
*vegetarian menu with some vegan items


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