My Turn

My Turn: A project taking place at Hyde Park Art Center’s Artist Run Chicago Show

My Turn is a site-specific, work in progress embodying mini dutch’s mission statement. Five artists who have previously shown at mini dutch were asked to participate. Each artist will take a turn installing artwork, and each “show” will be up for 8 days.

1. The order of which the artists will participate will be randomly chosen
2. Each artist must keep at least 2 elements of all prior artists’ installation work
3. Each of the artists’ installation must be visible in the end process

The end goal is to show an evolving piece- much like how the shows usually change during their run at mini dutch. The focus is on collaboration and domination— there might be some irritation by the first participant because their contribution might be almost non-existents by the end. These artists were chosen not only because they all deal with “physical space,” but also because they don’t know each other. Therefore, they cannot plan what they are going to do and it ends up becoming reactionary to the artwork and to the previous installations.

First artist: Jessica Paulson



Second Artist: Matt Hanner


Third Artist: Vivien Park


Fourth Artist: Mark Porter


Fifth Artist: Stacie Johnson


Participating artists:

Jessica Paulson
Install: TBA
Week 1: Sunday, May 10- Monday, May 18

Matt Hanner
Install: Tuesday, May 19- Wednesday, May 20
Week 2: Tuesday, May 21- Friday, May 29

Vivien Park
Install: Saturday, May 30- Sunday, May 31
Week 3: Monday, June 1- Tuesday, June 9

Mark Porter
Install: Wednesday, June 10- Thursday, June 11
Week 4: Friday, June 12- Saturday, June 20

Stacie Johnson
Install: Saturday, June 21- Sunday, June 22
Week 5: Tuesday, June 23- July 5

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