Dusty Bunnyfield vs. Molotovia Cottontail

Three openings: One Show

Runs from March 21st – April 19th, 2009
EC Brown will begin his mini dutch exhibition as a solo show of near-panoramic paintings, and the exhibit will gradually become a transaction among numerous hosts of homegrown Chicago art-spaces, beginning with mini dutch director Lucia Fabio herself. Like Fabio, Brown has been facilitating apartment exhibitions, and both agreed that the gallerist/exhibitor relationship could behave more like the ongoing conversations between them – and then eventually open this visual forum to friends in similar positions as artist/facilitators.


First Reception: EC Brown
Saturday March 21 from 7pm – 10pm

Runs until April 2nd
Brown’s latest series is part of an ongoing meta-narrative depicting enclosed social-orders involved in utopian projects, balancing militant discipline with casual eroticism. The new paintings will be elongated landscapes where landforms and architecture are the ectoplasmic projections of a research society – an applied incubation environment conducive for a mixture of agricultural science and sex rites.

Second reception: Lucia Fabio metabolizes EC Brown
Saturday April 4, from 7pm – 10pm

Runs until April 16th
On the third weekend of the exhibition, Lucia Fabio will disassemble the EC Brown exhibition, editing and rearranging at will, and introduce new work of her own. This show will be a immediate reaction to EC Brown’s show; having less than two weeks to asses and respond to his work as an artist and a curator. Of late, her work has been dealing with rabbits, especially her female pet rabbit, Patina.

Third reception: Group Show
Saturday April 18, from 7pm – 10pm

Runs until April 19th
On the fifth weekend, the space will be reserved for a group exhibition that will include Fabio, Brown and nine artist friends who also run apartment/domestic gallery spaces. As this event precedes the upcoming “Artists Run Chicago” exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Center, the exhibition is intended as a visual continuation of the conversations engendered by the HPAC’s invites. Participants will be encouraged to create works that use the first two incarnations of the show as a springboard, but works are not expected to directly address the topic of apartment/domestic art-spaces.

EC Brown & Catie OlsonFLAT
Lucia Fabio- mini dutch
Vicki Fowler- Mutherland
Eric May- Roots & Culture
Liz Nielson & Josh Kozuh- Swimming Pool Project Space
Irene Pérez & Chris Smith- Second Bedroom Project Space
Caroline Picard- Green Lantern

Erik Brown has exhibited with the Lisa Boyle Gallery from 2004 –2007, and has had an early retrospective with Renee Gory at the Butcher Shop Dogmatic in 2006. In accordance, he has shown all over Chicago, including: Roots and Culture, the Hyde Park Art Center and Gallery 400. He has also exhibited nationally in St. Louis and Kansas City. Brown has been organizing exhibitions in Chicago since 2000. He was a co-director of COMA, an apartment space which hosted one night shows. He has recently opened a new space called Floor Length and Tux which he runs with his wife, Catie Olsen.


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