Buttress, Buttress

Denise Kupferschmidt, Aline Cautis, Rebecca Ward , and Jessica Paulson
Curated by Britton Bertran

opening Saturday, Feb 7th from 7-10pm

show runs until March 8th


Buttress_ButtressButtresses draw an analogous purpose through both architectural and relational feats. In the literal form they are traditional building elements that perform both a structural and decorative purpose. Their propping and posing is as integral to a structure’s well being as it is to their beauty. In a more personal way, buttressing defines a manner of support that cannot be seen but can be intimated, or reinforced, from one individual to another.

Buttress, Buttress includes four artists working in a variety of formats that explore the intimate gallery confines of mini dutch in unique, but similar ways. In this exhibition, each artist simultaneously defers to and depends upon the physicality of the space in order to be completed. With abstract elements in finality, the process-oriented approach to developing each artwork exposes formal qualities for better or for worse.

All of the artists in Buttress, Buttress use relatively ephemeral materials, straddle the line between painting and sculpture, and all happen to be female. Much of their aesthetic concern rests not with the solidity of an object but more with the compliance of transformation: literally and figuratively. By placing these four artists in the same space, the gallery, in of itself, becomes a “buttress” while following mini dutch‘s mission as a “space that becomes part of the experiment and process”. The resulting dialogue is intentionally reciprocal while being individually dynamic in support.

DENISE KUPFERSCHMIDT’s (New York) sculptures and works on paper investigate ideas around metaphysical spirituality to create abstract dynamics with ephemeral concepts that explore ideas related to phenomenon. Denise Kupferschmidt’s recent exhibitions include Werkstatte Gallery in New York, LaMontagne Gallery in Boston and Fontanelle Gallery in Portland, OR.

ALINE CAUTIS (Chicago) uses a variety of approaches to abstract painting on canvas, paper and board with traditional mediums such as egg tempera. By constantly rearranging the form and content of her artworks both in the studio and in the gallery, Aline develops new ways of seeing through the act of layering as a compositional strategy. Recent exhibitions include Mayerei in Berlin, Devening Projects + Editions and Roots & Culture both in Chicago

REBECCA WARD (Austin) creates installations made primarily from colorful tape that utilize architectural space by highlighting a given room’s symmetry, imperfections and potential. Recent exhibitions include Finesilver Gallery and the Lawndale Art Center both in Houston, the Austin Museum of Art and the Texas Biennial in 2007.

JESSICA PAULSON (Chicago) works with found construction materials that are physically manipulated into new structures that are simultaneously hiding in, and being exposed to, the immediate surroundings. Recent exhibitions include Gallery 2 in Chicago and the Hallway Bathroom Gallery in San Francisco.

BRITTON BERTRAN is a Chicago-based independent curator, art consultant and Instructor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


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