new objects by Renee Prisble Unar_unastudio

Opening reception: Saturday, September 13, from 7-10pm
Show runs until, Sunday, October 12, 2008
A Materials Exchange: Sunday, October 12 during gallery hours

(note new hours)open Sundays 11am-3pm or call/email for appointment

Boxes of unused identification tags, clippings of sheets of latex, scores of glass vials, and a large container of multiple sized googly eyes are just a few of the materials used in mini dutch’s new show “Leftovers,” new objects by Renee Prisble Una.  During the course of a decade, Una has acquired a large array of materials — most of it remnants from past projects.  Though some materials were purchased or found with some intention of usage, they instead lay dormant among other objects waiting for a purpose.

Using all of the leftover materials in her studio Una will purge her space with the hopes of finding a new path of art making.  All of these new pieces will be available for purchase, with most prices ranging from five to forty dollars.  Working quickly and with materials she has been familiar with for years, what once was known as a cluttered studio will be transformed into a clean space.  A space ready to foster new ideas, and a space that will be ready to nest the future acquirements of art making.

Renee Prisble Una has exhibited in numerous Chicago venues including having solo shows at the Museum of Surgical Science, Northeastern Illinois University Gallery and NAB Gallery.  She currently teaches drawing at Wilbur Wright College and sculpture and handbuilding at Loyola University Chicago

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